BJJ Relationships – Training at Different Gyms

Now that Valentine’s Day is out of the way I thought that it was finally time to blog about one of the unique aspects of my BJJ life.

My husband trains at a different gym to me and when we do train together we very rarely roll together and only drill.

Now a lot of people have found this really odd and it is one of the things that we find ourselves explaining frequently.  Especially to people who don’t realise we’re at different gyms until they see us at competition with different patches etc. So in this blog I’m going to cover how it happened, why it works for us and essentially my reasons for choosing a different gym? Continue reading “BJJ Relationships – Training at Different Gyms”

Gamma Fightwear – White as Snow Spats

As you know I like to give a spotlight to smaller brands especially if their female friendly and/ or British. Gamma Fightwear fits this criteria perfectly! They are a small UK independant Fightwear Brand offering mainly spats and rashguards. They have been big supporters of the UK BJJ scene including sponsoring the lovely British Black Belt Gret Zoeller and as a brand they strive to offer unique designs as well as male and female cuts  So it made total sense to check them out (and review them for you) when I wanted a new pair of spats to help see me through training and the cold British winter! Continue reading “Gamma Fightwear – White as Snow Spats”

IBJJF European Championships 2017

Last week I once again took part in IBJJF European Open Championships. The annual event that takes place in Lisbon is one of the largest BJJ competitions in the world with over 4000 competitors and following my sucess at last years competition (which I blogged about) as well as my recent positives from the World Masters I was keen to try my luck again! Continue reading “IBJJF European Championships 2017”