Minion on Tour – Tanko Submission Championships – 14th May

The 14th May saw the hosting of the first Tanko Submission Championships at Manchester Victoria Warehouse. Now I don’t often blog news type reports or event reviews but as this this is a first for the UK Grappling scene (the event was aired live on Sky TV and Freeview through the Fight TV network), it was in my home town (Manchester) and because I had several friends and acquaintances on the card I simply had to attend and write a little piece for my readers!Tanko have hosted successful fight weekends at the Victoria Warehouse several times now with Muay Thai and MMA elements.  Adding the grappling brought a third day of action to the programme but ultimately they used the same venue set up just with obviously a cage, a ring or a grappling mat. We had splashed out of the VIP tickets due to wanting a mat side seat as the card several friends, coaches and team mates and we were not disappointed with the view. The layout defiantly made out for a good atmosphere and enjoyable event.

Due to the length of the card I can’t go into full details of all the matches but a mini round up of the event:

1 - WmBnbNoThe Four Man Grand Prix Tournament – Matt Holmes deserves a mention for winning this purple belt no gi tournament. Firstly for an impressive arm bar submission against David Johnson and also a dominant display in the final securing a heel hook at just under 7 minutes.

Ste Henshaw V Sean Coates – I recently refereed Sean at a local event and was impressed with his control was keen to see him in a gi sub only match. He showed his usual style of patient jiu jitsu working from the bottom eventually securing a tight triangle finish

Kevin Corkhill V Tyrone Elliot – Lots of footlock and toehold attempts from both sides during this match. Kevin was successful in the first round which was a backtake by gaining the collar choke for a win. If im honest although it was deserved, the result wasn’t totally that reflective of the match.

UntitledChris Thompson v Ali Arish – Chris had the more aggressive fighting style having to constantly create space and movement against the pressuring wrestling style of Ali. The match went the distance but a pre existing knee injury (including a close up of it popping in and out on the big screen) ruled Ali out of the overtime round, giving Chris the win.

Chau Cheung vs Kieran Coxon – Chau is from my husbands gym (Stealth BJJ) and has attended Factory comp class so obviously I was rooting for him. But no bias was needed as Chau put on a positional dominant performance resulting in a solid choke after 4 minutes.

UntitledNeil Atkins vs Nam Haong – This was another even match up and went the distance. After two rounds of overtime it went to the clocks. Neil won for the quickest overall escape time.

Shane price vs Lee Simpson -Both competitors were looking to win this match but following a good single leg and a solid pass Lee gained a controlling arm bar at 7 minutes.

Martyn Cahill vs Mark Bottom – For a no gi match this was slow paced. Martyn used a pressure based approach from half guard to gain mount before transitioning to an armbar set up. He baited Mark in the armbar position and spent over 2 minutes controlling that position without much action before eventually getting the submission at 5 minutes 33.

James Nardone vs Chris Coltrane – James is Factory Family Untitledand an absolute gentleman and killer on the mats. I’m completely bias but luckily he also clearly dominated the match with repeated passes backtakes and mounts. It was great to see him do so much off the stuff he had taught recently in class! Despite a great omaplata attempt in the last few minutes the match went the distance. James maintained his positional dominance to take an overtime win with the fastest escapes.

Emil Malczewski vs Ian Entwistle. – Emil is also team mate of my hubby and known as being an excellent technical grappler. The match was no gi under 72kg but there looked to be a significant size difference as they stood together. Emil unfortunately got caught in a tight toe hold in under 20 seconds giving Ian the win.

Dave Minto vs Shaun Matthews – Dave is a Stealth Black belt and all around lovely bloke as well as an incredibly solid grappler. Shaun was a very strong grappler but through the match Dave showed his usual solid sweeping and passing game. It was this that resulted in a solid and successful kimura at 4 min 41 seconds

Chris Walsh vs Lloyd Cooper – Lloyd is extended UntitledFactory family and a Yorkshire man so in my eyes the fight was only ever going one way! Plus Lloyd has been on fire including dominating and winning Densetsu recently. There was obviously a weight difference with the Lloyd the lighter of the two competitors. This match was always going to be a foot battle with Lloyd taking another foot home with a 70s heel hook. Before leaving the mats he sent out a clear message to AJ Agazarm with the message “AJ I’m coming for you” in reference to the much anticipated Polaris bout!

Adam Adshead vs Paul Cole – Simply put I had my coach and UntitledFactory BJJ head honcho Adam for this fight. The match was announced as under 70kg so I knew Adam must have been giving away some weight but it didn’t affect the result. From the start Adam was sweeping for top position and seeking the neck constantly with chokes and triangles. Adam was the constant aggressor and dominant in normal time with Paul taking a more counter grappling approach. Paul won the toss for overtime and took the interesting choice of spider web first (the only person to do so all evening) as the first round shoot out. It was very much an all or nothing approach with a great arm bar attack resulting in an epic escape from Adam. Adam went for the more traditional back option his choice, controlling the back and finally getting the choke he had been looking for all match to take the win.

Paul Craig vs Andy Clamp – Both these guys are well know in the MMA circuit and this match up produced a reasonably even fight with submission attempts from both sides. An armbar at just over 7 minutes ultimately gave Andy the victory.

Marc Goddard vs Kameron Atakuru – This was a stand up Untitledtactical battle. Both gained dominant positions from takedowns before returning to the feet. To change the game Kam pulled guard but despite a reversal by Marc, a successful pass from Kam and a last minute triangle attempt from Marc the match went into overtime. The first overtime round saw quick back escapes from both fighters, the second round was similar but Marc was marginally quicker (by 4 seconds) to take the victory.

Dan Strauss vs Lucio Sergio Dos Santos – If this was a gi Untitledmatch I would have said Lucio all of the way but in no gi I thought this could be a much closer match. But either way a cracking co-main event. But using “wanted dead or alive” by Bon Jovi as his walk out I have a little bit of extra love towards Dan! The match although even didn’t lack action with several flying submission attempts from Lucio matched with a solid heel hook attempt and solid butterfly guard from Dan. In the overtime period Dan’s experience at EBI positions (despite his claims) showed with a lightening quick escape followed by Lucio being tapped by a deep rear naked choke! Although it really was a great match and to quote Dan one for “team jiu jitsu!”.

Tanko was great event with some solid match making. I hope you’ve enjoyed my mini report of the card but you can also watch the event replay for free and make your own decisions. 


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