Minion on Tour – London 2018

I’ve mentioned more than once that this year is very much about BJJ adventures rather than just competitions. So, when I had some spare annual leave left at the end of the year it made sense to pack my bags and take a short break to London with my hubby to enjoy Polaris and some mat time! Continue reading “Minion on Tour – London 2018”


BJJ New Year Resolutions

Ok, I’ll be honest I think new year’s resolutions pretty much suck! Statistically, most of them fail and you just see them generally plastered all over social media etc. So why add to the resolutions clutter and blog about them only a couple of days before the new year? Continue reading “BJJ New Year Resolutions”

Minion on Tour – The Garage

Sometimes when thinking about blog topics I miss the most obvious articles. This is one of those cases! I have been lucky enough to visit and train at the Garage once a year for the past four years so I thought it was about time to share with my readers exactly how much of a hidden gem this is for any BJJ Globetrotters and travellers. Continue reading “Minion on Tour – The Garage”

Minion on Tour – Charity Seminars

I don’t usually write in depth about seminars and events but I recently attended two seminars that are worth promoting as they were done for two very worthwhile causes. So it made sense to do a mini write up highlighting how awesome the seminars were but also highlight the charities that they supported! Continue reading “Minion on Tour – Charity Seminars”