Valor Fightwear – Judo Gi

Last minute judo exam swotting in my fab @valor_fightwear gi. Judo gi but bjj everyday 😉As regular readers know that as well as practicing BJJ I also train in Judo. Last year I needed a new competition gi for the British Judo Championships and had a nightmare buying a gi. A mixture of poor stock levels, import costs, gi shrinkage and in some cases poor customer service left me disillusioned with a number of Judo gi companies. So when I heard that Valor Fightwear were starting to produce judo gi’s instantly got in touch to find out about launch dates. I was even more delighted to be asked if I wished to test one out! Continue reading “Valor Fightwear – Judo Gi”

The 2nd Birthday Blog!

Minion Gif Blowing a Birthday StreamerWell the blog is officially entering into the terrible twos! It’s been two years since I got my blue belt and started sharing my random thought and waffle with you all! Part of this blog has always been about sharing and recording my own journey and previously this has included reflections from my first week and my first year as a blue belt. So it make sense to take some time to be reflective yet again. Continue reading “The 2nd Birthday Blog!”

Daniel Strauss – Butterfly Guard Tour

Daniel Strauss (aka The Raspberry Ape) is well know in the UK Grappling scene and beyond thanks to his appearances at Tanko, Polaris (against AJ Agazarm) and his upcoming fight against Jake Shields. As well as competing at the Eddie Bravo Invitational. If that wasn’t enough he’s also the host of his own “Raspberry Ape Podcast” and has also made an epic appearance on UK Ninja Warrior!

I have previously attended a seminar where Daniel was teaching in the past and had a great time so when I discovered that his Butterfly Guard Seminar Tour would be stopping at my husband’s gym (Stealth BJJ) I decided it was time to dust off my no-gi gear and sneak along! Continue reading “Daniel Strauss – Butterfly Guard Tour”