The Importance of Sleep

e5f8987028d3f1f97fea26f7e1f2d4b9Ok, I admit it. One of my husband’s pet names for me is “Sloth”. Simply because I really love sleeping! However, sleep isn’t just an enjoyable activity, it’s also an important part of recovery. So this blog is going to look at why it’s important, how it can help your jits and how to ensure you maximise your recovery time through sleep. Continue reading “The Importance of Sleep”


BJJ Globetrotters – Compression Travel Bag

I’ve shared some of my travelling tips in a previous blog including my use of compression bags to help get those gi’s to and from the competition clean, dry and taking up as little of my luggage space as possible! My husband spotted that BJJ Globetrotters have brought out a new travel compression bag for this very purpose and bought us both  one. So it made perfect sense as I was packing for my next BJJ adventure to do a quick review for you! Continue reading “BJJ Globetrotters – Compression Travel Bag”

Entering Competition – The things nobody tells you….

Competition season is getting into full flow locally and I am frequently seeing a host of people stepping onto the mats for their first competition who are simply unprepared. Not necessarily in terms of their BJJ techniques but due to a whole list of things that people haven’t told them or they just haven’t thought about. So it’s time to list some of the random and the “so obvious that you may forget” things that you need to know about when you’re about to starting to compete! Continue reading “Entering Competition – The things nobody tells you….”

Why you should attend BJJ Seminars

This week I had the pleasure to attending a double seminar with John Will. For those who are unaware of who is John Will falls into a rare group of Black Belts. As well as being a BJJ legend and part of the dirty dozen. His biggest honour (well maybe not) is that I’ve been lucky enough to train with him every year I’ve done BJJ! Now I’ll be honest John has an awkward habit of visiting the UK just before big competitions so I don’t always have the best attention span or memory for his sessions but despite that I always bring home some gold! So I am not going to give away the technical magic or review the seminar as it was simply top class. So in this blog I’m going to give you my reasons why you should spend your time and money attending BJJ seminars. Continue reading “Why you should attend BJJ Seminars”